Mixed Berry Gummies-Coming Soon

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Experience a little slice of heaven and relaxation with one of our premium gummies.

900 mg per bottle / 30 mg per serving / 30 servings per bottle

They are all made with a CBD Isolate. No THC

CBD may help:
– Pain relief
– Arthritis
– Anxiety
– Sleep Disorders
– Acne
– Depression
– Energy
– Nausea
– Stress
– Anti-inflammatory
– Antipsychotic
– Anti-convulsive
We always encourage you to talk to your doctor as we cannot give medical advice.

2 reviews for Mixed Berry Gummies-Coming Soon

  1. Sam Namenyi

    These gummies not only taste delectable but work incredibly well and make me feel so relaxed. I keep them by my night stand and the convenient pre-measured dose makes it so easy.

    • Empeiria Hemp

      Wonderful. Thank you very much!

  2. Genelle Olivieri (verified owner)

    My husband and I both use this product and love it! They are spongy, chewy and full of flavor! I take one a day and have been amazed and relieved at the result. I feel calmer and just more relaxed in general. Instead of being easily frustrated and like I am always under pressure I just feel clearer, calmer and more level headed in these situations.
    My husband started using the tincture to help with hiccups and found that the gummies are a great way to stay relaxed throughout the day resulting in less hiccup episodes.

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